Architect Your Life

Don’t let your business trap you

Being a business owner is an opportunity to architect your life. 

You can create what you want if you are willing to learn and do the work — that’s unique to owners.

If you are a W-2, even if you do great and climb the ladder, it often just comes with more work.

As a lawyer friend of mine said, “Law firms are like pie eating contests where the reward for winning is more pie.”

I’m trying to eat less pie.

But most owners never realize this freedom. They are trapped by their businesses.

Here are the tell tale signs:

  1. The owner holds the key customer relationships.

  2. The owner can’t disappear for a week without the company grinding to a halt.

  3. The owner makes most of the key decisions. Ie it’s easier to do things yourself rather than let your people handle it.

There are dozens of others as well.

The problem most owners have is that they haven’t done the hard work of building a real leadership team.

It requires making tough decisions and holding people accountable.

But if you can get that team in place, it opens up so much in your life.

If you’re a junky, you can start other businesses (or newsletters). You can spend more time with family. You can travel.

You can create a great cash flowing business and dictate what you do with your time.

I’m using this newsletter to help others understand how to build your company so you can architect your life.

Next week I’ll talk about what I call, “The Owner’s Journey.” It’s a framework that helped me go from having a W-2 job where I happened to pay myself to being the architect of my own life.

Until then, keep growing!

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